Our Medical team, headed by our senior physiotherapist BSC (Hons) MCSP HPC is at hand to treat and advise our players throughout the season. Paul who has worked for Leamington Rugby Club for three years says "I really enjoy working with this club
, providing pitch side care for the 1st XV players on match days and also running  regular weekday 'put back together clinics' at training sessions where I often see familiar faces return each week - you know who you are!

Paul has developed a pre season screening programme which is attended by all three of our teams. Paul says "By performing a thorough biomechanical assessment we can get to the bottom of why players get injuries and correct this through a programme of hands on treatment and specific exercises tailored to each individual player. At Leamington Rugby Club we know that it is results that count and we aim to ensure that each player we treat is able to perform to their optimum strength and fitness.

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